Friday, November 27, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY - A Plumber's favorite day of the year.

As many people associate the day after Thanksgiving with the busiest shopping day of the year, otherwise known as "Black Friday," your plumber sees it as his/her favorite work day of the year. According to Roto-Rooter, the nation's largest plumbing and drain service, house calls increase by 50% on "Black Friday" over any other Friday during the year. Throughout the Thanksgiving weekend, there is an increase of 21% above any other Thursday-Sunday period of the year.

Watch out when you're stuffing that garbage disposal, it's not a turkey. The extravagant holiday feast can be the cause of the many sink and sewer clogs. The increase in grease, cooking oils, food scraps, and not to mention the additional number of holiday guests putting strain on your home's plumbing system, keeps your plumber busy all weekend.

Tips for a plumber-free holiday:

Don't pour fats or cooking oils down the drain.

Avoid putting poultry skins, potato or carrot peels, stuffing, rice or fibrous vegetables like celery or rhubarb in your garbage disposal.

Run your garbage disposal when you put food debris into it; don't wait until it's full to turn it on.

Run cold water for 15 seconds before and after using the garbage disposal to flush waste to the main sewer.

Don't use your garbage disposal at all; put a trash can right next to the kitchen sink.

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